personal trainers gold coast
An personal trainers gold coast

What does it cost? Hiring Personal Trainers on Gold Coast

After a Studio or Mobile Personal Trainer on the Gold Coast?

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Personal Trainer Gold Coast have a variety of different packages, it is best to call us directly so we can chat about what your needs are and then we can give you an idea of our prices. As a guideline however, our one hour Personal Training sessions range from $65 to $80 depending on the package. We will never charge you upfront or joining fees. And you can also split the cost with a friend or two…or three so your sessions could come to as little as $17 each if you train with friends!

Personal Training in Gold Coast Region – helping you get fit, lose weight and tone up!

We are pretty much the best value Private / Personal Trainers on the Gold Coast,. Ok sure, there is always the “cheaper” bum bag wearing, cash in hand (and therefore uninsured) Personal Trainer, but is cheaper really better when it comes to your health? So let’s rephrase that! We really are the best value qualified, professional, tax-paying, law abiding, insurance covered Individual / Personal Trainers on the Gold Coast!

The huge amount of experience and high standards they set themselves is a guarantee that a Personal Trainer Gold Coast is more than equipped to help you obtain the body and health you deserve.

Just one session a week with one of our down-to-earth personal trainers will provide you with fantastic results that will have you moving forward – not looking back. Our personal trainers will help you progress to where you wish to be.

Ok, this is a bit of a sales line, but I’m sure you know it’s true: You can’t put a price on your health!

Our Private Personal Trainer Gold coast can help you with shape transformation

personal trainer gold coast

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Of course, if you really can’t afford it, please make sure you fill out the form on the right and we’ll email you a link to heaps of videos of our Private / Personal Trainers showing you how to get fit at home for free without us. You CAN do it for free without us, especially with our videos, the catch is the motivation! If you always quit working out after a month or two, stop putting a price on your health and CALL US!

P.S. Make sure you also fill out that form on the right and we’ll email you a link to heaps of workout videos and health and fitness tips. You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it can be to get fit at home for FREE! Plus it’s a great way to get a taste of what we offer.

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